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Supply chain company opens Louisville-area headquarters

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Excerpt from Louisville Business First:

Supply chain company opens Louisville-area headquarters

Apr 21, 2020, 7:11am EDT

Buddy Bockweg, founder and CEO of AxisPoint Alliance, said moving into the company’s new headquarters in the midst of a global pandemic was actually pretty seamless. Bockweg launched the company and technology platform in November 2019 with $1.3 million in backing from investors and moved into the new space at 2235 Corydon Pike in New Albany, Indiana on March 17. The 26,000 square foot office space and distribution center will support customers completing projects in a variety of industries.

AxisPoint Alliance handles projects on both the capital expenditure side of business—for instance, lighting, plumbing and other facility-expenses— and the operational side of business—which now is seeing great demand for products like disinfectant, gloves and other personal protective equipment, Bockweg said.

“We are the centralized space that companies can come to, if you’re a large organization that has hundreds if not thousands of facilities across the country and you need to access products, we work to ensure we build supply chain between the manufacturers, suppliers and then users, we bring all the material in and then we distribute it out accordingly,” Bockweg said in an interview.

Though the outbreak has presented its challenges for the new business, Bockweg said his company has found itself in the right place in time as the coronavirus outbreak has turned the supply of products like hand sanitizer into the ‘Wild West’ in the last 60 days.

“If you’re an organization that has hundreds of facilities that needs to go out and buy these things you’ve never had to purchase before, if you just Google them, everybody and their brother is selling these things in some capacity and they’re all at premium prices,” Bockweg said. “And who knows who actually manufactured them. There’s no trusted sourcing and when you get your hands on them, there’s new guidelines in place by logistics companies to ensure that you’re delivering them safely.”

The company only has five full-time employees currently, but Bockweg said he looks to hire account managers, project coordinators and the like in the near future. “We didn’t start this business to have a business that makes a bunch of money,” Bockweg said. “We started the business because we know that there’s a need. The old distribution models of being in the middle and falsely inflating prices and trying to take care of yourself more than you take care of the other people, we’re throwing that out the window. Our whole business is built on this methodology driven around kind of a utopian experience.”

Written by: Sarah Shadburne

Reporter at Louisville Business First

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