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IdVue Partners with AxisPoint Alliance to Distribute Clear Face Masks

IdVue has partnered with AxisPoint Alliance to assist with the sales and distribution of their transparent face coverings (patent pending). 

IdVue recognized the need for transparent face masks, and they consulted with experts across several fields to design clear face coverings that allow people to read lips, see facial expressions, and better connect with one another. 

“Face masks are necessary, and they’re not going anywhere. But they do create communications barriers, not only for the hard of hearing, but for all of us,” said Buddy Bockweg, CEO of AxisPoint Alliance. “When two people are wearing opaque masks and trying to communicate, it can be hard to hear and clearly understand one another. It’s even tough to know if someone is smiling! So imagine how much harder it is for students, language learners, and people who depend on lip reading to communicate. That’s why we’re ecstatic about partnering with IdVue to help get their much-needed masks to people who need them.”

blue IdVue mask

IdVue mask features include:

  • Anti-fog interior coating

  • Easy breathing through the top and bottom of the mask

  • Comfortable foam that molds to your face

  • Solid transparent barrier

  • Fully adjustable band

  • 3 sizes

  • 5 color options

IdVue masks are ideal in a wide variety of industries, including restaurants and retail stores, professional services, gaming and entertainment, banking, and education. They’re also perfect for individuals who wish to overcome communications challenges posed by typical cloth masks.

Bockweg continued, “This partnership is another excellent opportunity for us to distribute innovative and necessary products to help keep people connected and safe during a pandemic.” 

Learn more about AxisPoint’s efforts to distribute the cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment our clients need to keep their employees and customers safe. 

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