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AxisPoint Tracks 10 Million Miles of Shipments in Q2'20

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Shipment Tracking

As we close out the first half of 2020 and look back at the past 6 months, we can see how far we’ve come working with our customers to supercharge their business. In Q2'20 alone, AxisPoint tracked over 10 million miles of shipments across the United States.

Order Status

One major pain point we solve is letting our customers know when they can expect to receive product. We’ve cut out all of the noise and provided a simple view into shipments with expected delivery dates and status updates. Finally, you can quickly answer the age old question "where's my stuff" without a flurry of phone calls and emails. Users can drill into each shipment to view tracking history as well as review summary statistics across all of their LTL, FTL, and small pack shipments going to facilities or job sites.

Issue Resolution

Sifting through emails to find answers to questions asked, solutions to problems, and notifications about exceptions is a major headache. AxisPoint provides direct access to our team where you can submit questions, raise concerns, or watch us transparently solve problems on your behalf without your intervention.

In addition to its shipment tracking and issue resolution capabilities, AxisPoint manages the entire product life cycle including sourcing, take-offs, spec sheets, plan documents, warranties, and contractor contact information. We allow customers to view all of their facilities providing incredible reporting capabilities. If you would like to learn more, fill out our contact us form and request a demo or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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